Isle of Wight Cricket

Dave Cox - Director (Performance)

I have been involved in cricket on the island for around 32 years now, mostly as a player but the last 10 years helping on the county/club youth cricket scene.
I have seen many areas of the game which includes club cricket on the island, Hampshire club age group, Hampshire district cricket, county cricket, so have experience of where youngsters can potentially grow into the next academy/professional cricketer.
I have a been a director for 2 years and I’m keen to carry that on for performance. Its a long complex pathway for any young county cricketer, the level that a young cricketer plays at is absolutely crucial for their development. In recent years the performance’s of our county teams has improved tremendously, this is down to quality coaching, amazing commitment by parents and of course the hard work and focus from the young cricketer, all those winter sessions really do pay off in the summer.
So I would like to stand as a director again, and let’s look forward to a full and successful cricket season next summer.
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