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Once again the Isle of Wight cricket family will be teaming up to raise funds for Comic Relief. On Sat 23rd - 24th we will be participating in a 24hr indoor cricket match at the IW Cricket Centre.

Whilst the main stay of players will be coming from the IW county teams, age group, senior and disability the event is open to the IW cricket community to participate.

The event is again being supported by Barclays Bank Plc and their community projects team and as such will be matching the first £3000.00 raised £4£.

This is a huge contribution and we hope it will enable the event to have an impact on both Island Cricket and Comic Relief.

In addition the event is being used to showcase the new sponsors of the IW Cricket Centre 'TWENTY20'. The new sponsors are supporting the cricket centre for the next 3 years and will be on site to promote this over the weekend.

Local restaurant Phileas Fogg's will be providing continual refreshments through out the day and they now provide high quality dining at Steephil every Sunday.

To get involved give Elliot Wilson a call on 01983 857763 to book your 1hr time slot and bring your family and friends, it will be fun.

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