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Tax rebates for CASCs – Act now

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Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) that receive donations with nothing given in return can get tax rebates for the last 6 years provided they were registered when the donation was received.

They must however make a claim before 31st March 2010 since after that date they can only go back 4 years. One of the benefits of being a CASC is that Gift Aid is available so that a donation of £10.00 can result in a tax refund of £2.82: cricket clubs have often overlooked this but now is there chance to go back and review the position .

The club must obtain the appropriate Gift Aid declarations from the donors. A donor’s single declaration can cover all gifts made to date and in the future so this is not as difficult as it may sound. The sums for the last six years can be substantial and will also include interest. Qualifying donations of £1,000 pa for the last 6 years will result in a tax refund of nearly £1,300 so it’s worth it.

Cricket club Treasurers should act now before the time limit reduces!
Enquiries to:

Richard Baldwin- Chair, CASC Development Forum
16th March 2010
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