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The Brian Gardener Grassroots Isle of Wight Cricket Fund - Club Fundraising Opportunity

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Brian Gardener has set up and is running with the Hampshire and IOW Community Foundation the “Brian Gardener Grassroots Isle of Wight Cricket Fund”.

Brian have already donated £20,000 into this fund which under a government arrangement which expires at the end of March 2011, this donation qualifies for extra Gift Aid of 28% and the whole amount is then doubled by the government. The Fund now stands at £51,200 and was registered, set up and invested on 1st April 2010.

Brian’s target is to use as much of this Government incentive before it runs out on 31st March next year and with the current economic climate, it may be many years before an opportunity like this is available again.

His target is to raise £250.000 for Island Cricket.

The Fund will be administered by Brian, to give to local Isle of Wight Cricket, in the form of Grants, at his discretion each year, from the lump sum that is invested through the Hampshire and IOW Community Foundation. The fund is designed to keep running over many decades.

The Fund can only be used to benefit IOW Cricket. It cannot be taken out by anyone and used for any other purpose.
It can be used for funding repairs or construction of grounds, holding cricket festivals or matches, to buy equipment or clothing, buying mini busses for transport or funding salaries or projects within IOW Cricket. It can be used at either Club level, Cricket Board/Organisation level or individual level, by applying for a Grant.

In order to encourage others to partner Brian in this charitable project on a smaller and more easily manageable level, Brian is selling framed prints of the oil painting by Jocelyn Galsworthy, of the opening of the Newclose County Cricket Ground on 27th July 2009. The cost of the print is £195 and each purchaser will have his or her name permanently displayed on the Honours Board in the pavilion at Newclose.

Each picture sold produces £150. Brian has agreed to double this amount to £300 by donating to the fund. The Hampshire and IOW Community Foundation then add to 28% Gift Aid, making £512 and double this by adding government money to make £1024.

In order to encourage Island Clubs to help, as they are likely to be the main beneficiaries of the Fund, Brian is offering to Island Clubs a framed print to display in their pavilion and to place nearby a list inviting sales of the picture. Brian will offer to agree to Grant money to each club from the fund, providing it is for the benefit of Island cricket of twice the amount they make in picture sales, paid over the next 10 years. Thus if a club sells 6 pictures to their Members and Friends before 31st March 2011, they will be eligible for a grant of up to £2,340, within 10 years.

If your club is interested in having a picture in your club house and want to take up this oppotunity please contact Brian Gardener on
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